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What our members are saying...

What our members are saying...

Abstract Still Life Flowers and Fruit Color Reference

I always thought you either had it or you don't, but then you have shown me it is more about learning and practice. I have watched a few other YouTubers but no one else takes the time to really teach. I am beyond grateful!

You guys bring light to my day! God Bless! W.C.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate my art coach. I am thankful that she is not someone who will let me make mistakes and not point it out. I am thankful that she is honest and wants me to succeed. Not many art teachers at this price point out there actually care if you succeed in your journey. I also appreciate that she doesn't compare you to a top-notch artist in the group. It allows us to grow on our own giving us the little nudges in direction. The personal time given to me via e-mail or a live PAC is priceless! I will always value the personal attention given to me.

Thank you for caring and helping me to grow as a painter! C.T.

This is the painting that inspired me to sign up for the Academy. I loved Ginger’s version of this and had to try it for myself.
I can’t say enough about Ginger’s skills as a teacher.

Best money I’ve ever spent! E.J.

I started with watercolors 20 years ago and I enjoyed it. Then I happened to catch a Bob Ross video and I painted off and on in oils for the next 15 or so years. When I took a look around my home and saw oil paintings drying everywhere, I knew I had to make a change. I searched acrylics and found "The Art Sherpa" about a year and a half ago. Her perky personality and easy to paint tutorials satisfied me for a few months but I knew I wanted to hone my skills with more difficult lessons. Ginger Cook entered my life 14 months ago. I joined her Online Art Academy in December 2017 and it is the greatest gift that I could have given myself.

In her personal art coaching (PAC), Ginger tells you honestly where you are on your art journey if you are trying to paint something that is over your head or just gives you a few pointers that can make all the difference in your painting. I still have a long way to go, but with Ginger by my side, it will be a great road to travel. L.M.

I started painting a year ago with a local artist/instructor. After a few months of lessons, I wasn't getting to where I wanted to be. I started looking online for other instructors in my area and ran across Ginger. I loved her work and more than that loved her teaching style. She answers the "whys" and "hows" without diminishing my questions. I love watching her videos and love even more the Personal Art Coaching that gently moves me in the direction that I need to go with my art. There is no better instructor, either in person or via the internet.

The value of her instruction, without constant product pushing, is unbeatable. K.C.

I have recently returned to Ginger’s Academy after an unfortunate, but brief, painting hiatus. I’m proud to be a member, once again, of Ginger’s “Merry Band of Artists!” I originally became a member of the Academy in 2016 when I began painting in my late 40s. I began watching Ginger & Jon on YouTube, where I quickly discovered I wanted more of Ginger’s knowledge & instruction (as well as more stories!). Being an Academy student, not only do I get high-quality tutoring from one of the best artists around today, I get individualized, one-on-one attention with an honest, refreshing approach, and a great sense of humor to boot! Thank you, Ginger & Jon, for giving me the confidence to believe in myself, and help me grow as an artist. Your academy has been an invaluable tool in my art journey. Art Hugs! N.N.

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